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For all your questions, feedback and enquiries feel free to contact us via email at hello@sfsuperseries.com.au.

General Questions

Can I enter more than one SFSuper Series event?

Absolutely. You can enter all of them if you like! We just ask that you try and raise $750 per event, as there is a cost to the Foundation for every entrant in each event (such as training shirts and other fun things).

Do I have to Fundraise as part of the SFSuper Series?

In short Yes! If you are keen to partake in our Hosted events and don't want to fundraise then just sign up directly with the chosen event. The SFSuper Series is for participants who want to be part of a community who trains, motivate and fundraise together. You can do any of our events independently of us.

Can I fundraise as part of a team?

Yes, of course you can! Let us know and we will set your team up. Email us and tell us who is in your team.


I want to run the same leg as my friend, can I do that or do I have to be part of a team of 4?

Of course you can! Although we encourage teams of four for management ease, we totally understand that sometimes running without your running partner is a no-go for many of you! Make sure when you register you BOTH tick the same legs you are interested in and put each other's names in the box provided.

Can I choose which legs I run if I register for the 50km Surf Coast Century run?

If you sign up as an individual 50km entrant, then you will be automatically allocated to run Legs 3 & 4. If you sign up as a team of two then one of you will run Legs 1 & 2 and the other will run Legs 3 & 4. Teams of 3 are also available and you can choose your own legs then.

Is there mandatory gear I need for the run?

Yes, as part of the run you will need to make sure you are carrying the mandatory gear. If you are part of a relay team, then the team can share one pack. For more information go to the Surf Coast Century mandatory list

You will need a hydration or running pack, as it is mandatory to carry a min of 750 mls of water. 

If you are running leg  4 you will need a head torch.

Check out Gary's video on The Huddle chatting about packs:

You can get top of the line packs at Pace Athletic:

But some of our runners have also found cheaper packs on line:

Cancellation and refunds

Refunds for Surf Coast Century can be given (less a 20% admin fee applied by the organisers, Rapid Ascent) if written notification is received prior to the 23rd August. Email us if you can no longer run.

Run entries can be transferred for a $15 fee up until the 10th September

For more cancellation information regarding the Surf Coast Century click here.

Do I need to hire a car for the Surf Coast Century run?

It's up to you. If you are staying in Anglesea then Leg 1, the start of Leg 3 and end of the run are all within walking distance. We will be helping you out with getting to the start of Leg 2 and 4 and getting you back to Anglesea after you have run Leg 1 &3. 

We also have the option of booking an transfer to and from Avalon airport on the Friday and Sundays (bookings for these will be available closer to the event), so technically no car is needed.

However- if you are staying outside of Anglesea or want to be able to check out the scenery when you are not running, then book a car, as it allows for flexibility in your weekend.

Pre-Event Dinner

The Surf Coast pre-event dinner will be held on Friday 14th September 2018. Details of venue and time will be given closer to the date. RSVP will be essential.


Gears and Beers Registration...

This year, register for Gears & Beers RIGHT HERE on our site. If you have already registered through the Gears & Beers site, don't sweat it - just let us know via email if you've registered directly so we know you're with our team and can set up your fundraising page.

Do you have a Sizing guide for Cycle Jerseys?

Yes! Click here to see the sizing guide Cycle Sizing guide.pdf

Cancellation and refunds

A 70% refund for the Gears and Beers event will be given if the organisers are notified in writing prior to the 30th  September. For more information look at the Gears and Beers terms and conditions here

Pre-Event Dinner

The Gears and Beers pre-event dinner will be held on Saturday 29th September. Venue and time to be advised closer to the event. RSVPs will be essential.


How can I prepare if I'm not a CrossFitter?

New to CrossFit? No problems! The event is open to everyone. If you are new however there is a requirement for some pre-training to ensure you have the right technique and to avoid injury.

As with all the SFSuper Series events, there will be a training guide available and opportunities to train at CrossFit Manly Vale with a special introductory rate available for the months leading up to the challenge.

We want to complete Endure24 as a team, how does this work?

You can enter as a team of anywhere up to 6 participants per team and split the 24 hours up however suits you and your team mates. You'll just need someone from your team doing each of the 24 WOD's. So for eg you may have a team of 4 and each do 6 WODs back-to-back in a block, or you may like to do 3 WOD's at a time and take turns. Its up to you!

Big Feet Little Feet

Are there age limits for the course?

The minimum age is 10 years for the 13km course.

The 6km and 3km courses have no age restrictions. You can also take prams along the 6km and 3km courses, however you will start at the 'back of the pack'.

Is there a training plan and group for the Pub2Pub?

We have a training schedule for the 13km and 6km runs in the Huddle.While there isn't an official training group for this event, we suggest the Curl Curl Park Run as a great way to get prepared and you will see a lot of other SFSuper Series people along the track.

Curl Curl Park Run is a free timed running club, every Saturday morning. You will just need to sign up here and you can join the run!

Cancellations and Refunds?

The Pub2Pub does not offer refunds or transfers of registrations if you can not run.