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The SUPER Challenge

2018 SUPER Challenge

What's that you say... you want even MORE of a challenge to get you to your SUPER point? We have just the thing – the 2018 SUPER Challenge!

How do we enter the Super Challenge?

To be eligible to enter the SUPER Challenge,  we ask you to:

  1. Enter three or more SFSuper Series events
  2. Get to work and fundraise at least $1,500.00 
  3. Join our Strava clubs for the run cycle and swim and track your kms covered- its Ok if you manually add in the Kms you can't track with Strava. For our Endure24 participants keep a track of WODS completed and we will convert your WODs into kms for you.
  4. Track your training and event participation during the SFSuper Series event period: 26th August-28th November.
  5. The winner will be the participant who has covered the most kms during the event period.

And what does the Winner get.....?

At the end of the Series, ALL SUPER Challenge entrants will be treated to a Champagne breakfast. 

Our winner will not only getting bragging rights, but will be crowned the SFSUPER Champion and take home tickets to our Sumptuous Sounds Event (date TBC) AND a few other surprises that we will confirm along the way.