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Meet the Trainers

The SFSuper Series is lucky to be able to claim some of Australia’s best running, cycling and CrossFit coaches as our own.

In all events, we have programs designed especially for our participants- check out the training plans here.

There are schedules that will take you from beginner stage to competing stage and there are schedules for those who are seasoned competitors but want to push themselves to the next level.

All our coaches are available to email when you need some advice and depending on where you live, we will have weekly training sessions for you to attend. But more of that to come...

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Gary Mullins- TRT Coach

"Create a purpose... Be patient."

coach gary mullins run trt

This has been my mantra for a while now. Both in my own running and coaching. To become a complete runner you need time. Time to run consistently, develop strength and build your own confidence. As a coach, I try to build this into my runners.

Running Personal Bests:  1500ms (4:17) 5km (16:38) 10km (33:50) 1/2 Marathon (1hr:14:08) Marathon (2hr:37:48) 50km (3hr:13m) 100km (7hr:12m) Australian Representative – 2015 & 2016 100km World Championships.

Coaching: 2014 1st Female Sydney Harbour 10k / 2014 4th Female C2S / 2016  1st Female 2016 6ft Track Multiple Fun Run winners, age group winners and Junior State Representatives.

Check out TRT's website here.

Michelle McAdam- TRT Trainer & Coach

"Running is a way of life. It's about balance and trust. It's about learning what you think you can achieve and then pushing it further. It's about patience and resilience."


I was introduced to running as a child by my Dad; he was told he had to do something to manage his stress. As a family we used to get up early and run around the block, starting at one lap and increasing it over time. At first I struggled. I was hopeless but it didn't take long for me to become better.

As a busy working mum, I understand about the need to prioritise and make the most of the time available to train. It's about being 'smart' in both training and goals. I believe a large part of what we can achieve is driven by our mental strength, our determination and our persistence, not just the physiological gifts we were born with. Pick a goal, work hard and you will get there. There are no short cuts.

Running Personal Bests: Marathon: 2:44, Half marathon: 1:21, 10km: 35.50, 6 foot track: 4:09, UTA 100kms: 13:05

Co-Coach-  Jayne Andrews  

"There is nothing like the feeling of crossing that finishing line and realising what you've just done!" Jayne Andrews

Marketing Director by day, very slow runner at the weekend.

 I took up running about 5 years ago at the ripe old age of 37, after an enthusiastic personal trainer signed me up for a 50km race. At the time, I couldn't even run for a bus. She recognised I was very stubborn and thought I might be good at long distance running. I am a BOP (back of pack) runner, occasionally a MOP but use running as a stress relief from my everyday life.

Running has taught me to push boundaries and stretch myself. I take pride in the fact that I don't really look like a runner, and have achieved a lot more with my running than I ever thought possible. 

Running Achievements:  2nd Place Female Team Coast trek 50km, 3 x Canberra 50km Ultra, completing Anzac 100km, completing 2 x 6ft Track marathons, The Big Red Run 250km across the Simpson desert.

Co-Coach- Ana Mullins

“I love trail running for the feeling of being free and at one with nature – even better when it’s raining and muddy!” Ana Mullins

I’ve been running for approximately 10 years, trail running for 4 years. Being married to a running Coach, it was never hard to guess what my weekends would consist of…but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have learnt that being patient with the training, and enjoying the experience of every run, as you slowly build up your fitness and strength, is all part of the fun with trail running. You will find running therapeutically refreshing and all the stress which has accumulated over the week just disappear. 

Embrace the elements and everything else that comes with it, because once those running shoes comes off, its back to sitting behind as desk for 8 hours.

Running achievements: Berlin Marathon 2015, Ultra Trail Australia 100km 2015, 6ft Track 2015, Canberra 50Km 2015, Anzac Challenge 35km 2016, Two Bays Trail 56km 2017, Ultra Trail Australia 22km, a bunch of Marathons and Half Marathons.

Cycle Coaches 


Ben & Kylie Mildren

Event Directors

"Our passion is cycling, our life is cycling and we enjoy sharing this with others in managing cycling events. We have come from that place of beginnings and understand the journey every cyclist takes to become stronger, faster and above all enjoy their cycling."

Affiliated riding groups:

If you want to join a riding team, let us know… We have many existing riding teams ready to take on some SFSuper Series Riders.

CrossFit Coach 

Virakone Sengchanh 

Virakone is a Laos-born Australian, husband, father of five boys, CrossFit coach and blogger. 

As a CrossFit coach he values good spirit, life-balance and longevity and authors a popular blog covering a variety of health and fitness topics- http://www.crossfitmanlyvale.com.au/wod-blog.

 Outside of the gym he can be found on foodie adventures with his wife; or hanging out with his five sons. 

He and his family fled to Australia as refugees in the 1970s. He studied a combined Economics and Law degree (hons) at Macquarie University, and completed a Masters of Law at UNSW.

Family and community focused, he believes strongly in charitable giving and service. He volunteered two years in the Australian outback working with Indigenous communities; and currently volunteers as an English Tutor for migrants. 

The gym and members fund-raise annually for various charity groups. This year they are hoping to raise at least $20,000 to assist the Sanfilippo Children's  Foundation in research for treatment and cure. 

Top Training Tips from our coaches:

  • If you are sick, rest. Missing a week or two of training will not affect your overall training schedule – not getting better from a sickness will!
  • You are better half-baked than over-cooked. Don’t over-train. Listen to your body!
  • Running is pure and  simple: shoes on run… Don’t complicate it!