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Training Plans

Our amazing trainers have put together these pre-training plans to get you started.

12-week training schedules


Running Training Plans: 21km-28kms

The first training week starts on the 12th June 

  1. Training plan for Weeks 1, 2 & 3.pdf12th June-2nd July
  2. Training Plan for Weeks 4, 5 & 6 update.pdf 3rd July- 23rd July
  3. Training Plan for Weeks 7, 8 & 9.pdf24th July- 13th August
  4. Training Plan for Weeks 10, 11 & 12.pdf 14th August- Race Day

Running Training Plans: 50km &100km

We would love to do you a full training plan if you are planning to do 50 or 100kms. Please email us here to get in touch with Gary at TRT

Running Training Plans: 3.5km and 10km 

Great for Big Feet and Little Feet Training.

Family Run Training schedule 3.5km training schedule for Big Feet.pdf

Bridge Run Training schedule: Beginners  10km Beginner training schedule for Big Feet .pdf

Bridge Run Training schedule: Intermediate 10km Intermediate training Schedule for Big Feet.pdf

Running; Pre-training

Pre-training 5k Beginners Run Plan

Pre-training 5k Intermediate Run Plan

Pre-training 10k Beginner Run Plan

Pre-training 10k Intermediate Run Plan



Cycling Training Plans

50km plan Training Plan 50kms.pdf

100-130km plan Training Plan 100-130kms.pdf

Cycling Pre-training

Check out this "Choosing a bike blog"- this may help those of you who are taking on the cycle challenge for the first time!


Getting started Cycle Plan 50kms.pdf

Getting started Cycle Plan 35km.pdf

120km pretraining Cycle plan.pdf


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