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Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation: THEMA and “The Tilden Effect”
November 8, 2017

Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation: THEMA and “The Tilden Effect”


THEMA and the Tilden family have been one of the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation’s most avid supporters, beside us every step of the way since the Foundation’s formation in 2014. Indeed it was Dominic’s mum, the much-loved Margaret Tilden, who first put the Donnell family on the path to diagnosis, as Isla and Jude’s preschool director. Margaret’s nose for child development and sensible advice prompted Megan and Allan to seek further investigation, and as the family emerged from the devastation of a double diagnosis of Sanfilippo, the Tilden family was there to lend a hand.

The Tildens and THEMA were incredibly active in supporting two Sanfilippo golf day fundraisers on the Northern Beaches, providing THEMA sponsorship, golf carts and introducing their golf-loving friends and family to the Sanfilippo cause.

Harbord Kindergarten hosted several kid’s discos in the Freshwater community- these were organised by the Tilden family. It’s hard to put a dollar-figure on just how much this family has helped the Foundation, but the ripple effect and groundswell of support they have helped generate has been tremendous.

Dominic Tilden and his THEMA team have embraced the SFSuper Series enthusiastically – Dom himself taking up running and joining the Foundation to fundraise and compete in the past two Surf Coast Century ultra trail runs, and bringing THEMA a team of runners onboard as our much-valued “Rare Sponsor” of the SFSuper Series in 2017.

We are so proud and incredibly humbled to have the continued support of THEMA and the THEMA team and consider Dominic and the Tilden family true friends of the Foundation. On behalf of all children battling this devastating and cruel disease, we thank THEMA.

Please WATCH this short clip about Dominic’s participation and passion for running HERE

Dominic ran 23kms in 20016 and 28kms in 2017. He ran in the 2017 Surf Coast Century despite having had the flu the week prior. We can’t wait to see how far Dom will run in 2018!